About Fantasy Customized Sleep Solutions

Fantasy Waterbed was founded in 1984 and since then was Singapore's 1st & Only Waterbed Specialist and Retailer till date. Since 1st May 2018, Fantasy is now part of the Picket&Rail group and new showroom located within the Picket&Rail Design Center at 25 Tagore Lane Level 2.


Historical records show the secret to Queen Cleopatra’s beauty was sleeping on water, which helps the mind and body. Since then, medical research has discovered that waterbeds have more benefits than just a restful nights sleep.


Arthritis & Rheumatism“Flotation sleep” results in the equal distribution of body weight. This reduces pressure on any inflamed joints and sore muscles, a common ailment experienced by many. Add a waterbed heater and your bed will be like your own private spa, with the many benefits of heat therapy available to you.




The difficulty in achieving perfect lumbar support is the cause of many backache complaints. A waterbed naturally provides perfect spinal alignment and support. This in turn assists in recovery from back injuries and aches. Correct lumbar support allows the spine and back to recuperate and rejuvenate while you sleep.

The orthopedic nature of a waterbed has been proven to offer comfort and relief for pregnant women, who may experience backaches during their pregnancy.


Medical studies show that waterbeds greatly help those who suffer from insomnia. The lack of pressure points when sleeping on a waterbed improves blood circulation and promotes muscle relaxation. This is especially important for people who experience backache, pregnant women, people who suffer from neck pain or stiff shoulders as well as people who work in high stress professions. Once the body is able to relax and refresh the quality of sleep improves and the body and mind heal.



Bedsores are caused by obstructed blood circulation and muscle tension due to lying too long in one position. The total body support of a waterbed ensures that blood flow is not restricted and muscle tension is not created. Thus a bedridden patient is able to rest and sleep better; without having to be constantly shifted from one position to another to prevent bedsores.



Asthma is a common condition that causes inflammation of the airways, making breathing difficult for sufferers. Asthma triggers vary, from cigarette smoke, stress, polluted air and dust mites. Dust mite faeces contain allergens that are known to irritate the airways and lungs of asthma sufferers and trigger asthma attacks.


Muscle Aches

The lack of pressure points help restore normal blood circulation while you sleep. Allowing fast regeneration of damaged tissue caused by sore or strained muscles.


Products - Unique Features


EverRest from Fantasy Waterbeds offers a unique range of features not found in traditional mattresses or other waterbeds:



EverRest can be individually tailored to each partner’s preferred firmness, without hard uncomfortable central dividers or partitions. The same technology also ensures that you’ll never disturb your partner no matter how much you toss, twist or turn, or whenever you slip in or out of bed.



EverRest bed tops are fully machine washable with no dry cleaning required. Machine washable up to 60 degrees centigrade, offering a higher standard of hygiene and greater convenience previously thought not possible. This makes a waterbed the perfect choice for people who experience allergies or asthma, as the sleeping surface and mattress top can be kept clean and free from dust and dead skin cells, the traditional food source for dust mites.



Made of cotton bamboo yarn, the mattress covers are well suited to our tropical climate. The cotton bamboo yarn feels luxurious to the touch and cooling in humid climates. The breathable nature of the yarn helps keep the body cool and comfortable when sleeping, while adding a touch of luxury and elegance to any bedroom.



EverRest is long lasting and durable. It never sags or wears out, and never needs to be rotated or flipped as traditional mattresses do. If properly maintained and cared for it can last up to 20 years.



The average lifespan of a conventional spring mattress is between 6 to 8 years. After that it should be replaced as the inner springs are unable to provide optimum support. EverRest Waterbeds do not wear out or lose shape, even after an extended period of time. EverRest Waterbeds can be kept clean and free of dust and dead skin cells for the lifespan of the mattress.




EverRest new generation waterbeds feature ‘ANTIWAVE’ technology which eliminates up to 99% of bed movements. Simply put, they offer less movement disturbance than traditional spring mattresses. Available in Hardside and Softside. For further information please visit: 



The mattress is confined within the bed frame, offering a unique bed and mattress combination. The frame is in effect a box to contain and give the mattress a flat surface. Your choice of bed frames can range from an upholstered frame to elaborate hand-carved 4 posters.



Looking like traditional mattresses, they can be combined with standard headboards and bed frames, not requiring any special frame to be built around the waterbed. Over the years Softside waterbeds continue to increase in popularity as they are easier to get in and out, come with a zip-off washable mattress top and can take standard fitted bed sheets.


Mattresses size

STANDARD 91cm X190 cm
SUPER 107cm X 190cm
STANDARD 152cm X 190cm
EUROPEAN 152cm X 200cm
STANDARD 182cm X 190cm
EUROPEAN 182cm X 200cm
SUPER KING 200cm X 200cm
SUPER DELUXE 200cm X 220cm



SINGLE 100cm x 214cm
QUEEN 152cm x 214cm
KING 182cm x 214cm

Customised mattresses can be ordered on request.



What Are The Advantages Of A Waterbed?

Waterbeds offer several advantages over traditional mattresses. Total support of the spine and body offers the most natural position for sleep. Also waterbeds are extremely hygienic and unlike traditional spring mattresses, waterbeds never sag, and don’t need to be rotated.

Are Modern Waterbeds Waveless?

Yes, the new generation of waterbeds feature ‘ANTI-WAVE’ technology that eliminates up to 99% of bed movement. Simply put, the waterbeds of today feature less movement disturbance than traditional spring mattresses do.

Do You Still Toss And Turn When Sleeping On A Waterbed?

During sleep, when blood circulation is restricted at a particular pressure point, the body automatically shifts to another position. Sleep research highlights that the body can toss and turn between 40 to 50 times in a night’s sleep, looking for that comfortable position. However, with waterbeds, pressure points are eliminated regardless of your sleep position. So tossing and turning is significantly reduced allowing the body to recuperate during sleep.

Traditional Chinese Belief Claims That Water Is Cold, So Sleeping On Water Is Bad For Health?

No, the direct opposite. Sleeping on a waterbed has numerous health benefits as the body does not experience any pressure points promoting better blood circulation, allowing the body to “repair” itself during sleep. For more on the health benefits of sleeping on a waterbed, refer to Health Benefits.

Is It “Cooler” To Sleep On A Waterbed?

Yes. In a waterbed, the water within vinyl bags remain at room temperature. The body’s temperature does not affect the temperature of the water neither does the waterbed’s configuration and materials used allow for any “trapping” of heat unlike in foam and spring mattresses. The waterbed’s ability to maintain at room temperature even during prolonged sleep makes it the ideal choice for tropical countries like Singapore. You may even find it easier to fall asleep without your usual air-conditioning. In fact, in hospitals, water cushions are used for children with high fever. Its cooling effect lowers the child’s body temperature, saving precious time when compared to conventional sponging.

How Are Waterbeds A Healthier Sleeping Option?

Due to the unique flotation method of a waterbed, the body is exposed to no pressure points, ensuring the body is in its most natural position for sleep. By eliminating the pressure points, the waterbed aids your body’s circulation, reducing the amount of ‘tossing’ and ‘turning’ experienced during sleep, whilst providing more comfort and total support. Fantasy Waterbeds Mattresses also offer relief for those suffering from arthritis, insomnia, rheumatism, asthma and other health problems. Waterbeds are especially recommended to those who have long term illnesses or recuperation periods. For more refer to Health Benefits.

Will The Waterbed Leak?

Highly unlikely as Fantasy Waterbeds Mattresses are constructed from heavy duty material and are built to last. To testify the durability of Fantasy Waterbeds Mattresses, at a trade event, we drove a car onto one of our waterbeds and left the car on it for more than a week, without any leaks, punctures or other mishaps (click to view). However in the rare event that there is a puncture, the water would be contained within the surrounding inner liner and not leak to the floor. The mattress can be easily repaired, similar to repairing a bicycle tire.

Is It Easy To Puncture A Waterbed?

Unless you deliberately attempt to damage the waterbed it is unlikely to puncture as all Fantasy Waterbeds Softside Mattresses come with a quilted top. However, a repair kit comes with each purchase, in the unforeseen event of a puncture. To repair the puncture is quick and easy without having to remove any water from the mattress.

Will I Feel Seasick?

No, any motion that may be present in a waterbed is very gentle and soothing. In fact Fantasy Waterbeds new generation waterbeds are ‘ANTI-WAVE’ ie. they eliminate 99% of motion.

Will My Waterbed Sag?

Never. Neither will it go out of shape. Due to the nature of a waterbed, the body’s weight is evenly distributed and thus the bed keeps its form for many years. Waterbeds are constructed from super strength materials which have proven durability and can withstand lots of wear and tear. Some of our customers are still using the same waterbeds they bought over 25 years ago.

Can I Use A Waterbed On My Current Bed Frame?

Softside waterbeds look just like standard mattresses and can fit to any bed frame, whether its hand-carved wood or traditional brass, Fantasy Waterbeds Mattresses can fit the bed frame just right. In some, additional support may be required to handle the weight.

Do I Need To Use Special Water To Fill The Bed?

No, normal tap water is fine for filling the mattress.

Do I Need To Change The Water Regularly?

No. Regular maintenance with a Waterbed Conditioner removes the need to ever change or replace the water. The Conditioner also prevents fungus build-up in the water while keeping the walls of the vinyl soft and supple.

Can I Vary The Hardness Or Softness Of The Waterbed?

Yes you can by varying the amount of water in the mattress between its minimum and maximum levels. In fact, with EverRest Mattresses, hardness or softness on each side of the waterbed can be individually tailored to personal preferences. For example your partner may want a firm mattress while you prefer a softer touch. Both are possible on the same waterbed.

Do I Need Special Bed Sheets?

No, normal size bedding will fit most Softside waterbeds, while standard flat sheets can be used on most Hardside mattresses.

What Sizes Of Waterbeds Are Available? 

Single, Super Single, Queen and King sizes. We also have Super Queen and Super King that conform to European/American mattress sizes. For dimensions refer to Mattress Sizes.

How Do I Maintain My Waterbed?

Waterbed maintenance is simple and easy. Once a year or once every 6 months (depending on the type of conditioner used)
just add in a bottle of waterbed conditioner. Available at our showroom or from our technicians when your waterbed is being installed. The conditioner helps maintain the quality of the water preventing fungus or bacterial growth. It also acts as a health ‘tonic’ for the waterbed keeping the vinyl supple and prolonging the life of your waterbed. By observing this simple schedule you never have to change the water inside the mattress.

Do Waterbeds Come With Warranties?

Yes, Fantasy Waterbeds mattresses come with either a 10 year or 15 year warranty, depending on the mattress range. Our heaters come with a 3 year warranty.

Any Other Cleaning Tips?

The easy access a waterbed offers to the vinyl interior means that you can regularly wipe the mattress down, preventing dust and dead skins cells from accumulating. This is essential for those that have breathing problems such as asthma. A special vinyl cleaner is available at our showroom that not only cleans the mattress but also helps keep the vinyl supple.

When I Shift House Can I Take The Waterbed With Me?

Yes. In fact waterbeds are more “mobile” than spring mattresses. Just drain out the water, carefully flatten and pack it for shipment. At the new destination, just unpack and refill with water. It’s that simple. Moreover, as an “empty” waterbed occupies less space than a spring mattress, you’ll save on shipping cost too!

What Does The Heater Do? Is It Safe?

The heater is an optional accessory that can be fitted into the waterbed. Among its therapeutic benefits include enhanced blood circulation and relaxing of the muscles. In the tropics, it is well suited for those who experience chronic back problems, recovering from strokes and paralyzed patients. The heater is safe as it is double insulated, uses very little power with a low wattage, installed on the waterbed decking under the liner and is specially designed for use in waterbeds. The heaters have a thermostat control.



Founded in 1983, Fantasy Waterbeds is Asia’s longest serving Waterbed Specialist. We continue to provide internationally recognised award winning products with renowned customer service and after sales care. Key reasons why Fantasy Waterbeds remains the market leader for waterbeds in Asia. Visit us today and experience firsthand the Fantasy Waterbeds experience … We are serious about sleep.

Our new store is now nestled at the Picket&Rail Design Center @ 25 Tagore Lane Level 2 under the expert supervision of Picket&Rail. Existing customers may continue to visit our new store for any support issues or purchase of waterbed-related products such as conditioners.