Finding a Style that's Right for You

Making Your Home truly Yours.

What really divides a house from a home is the identity of the people who live in it. More than just four walls and a roof with some furniture inside, a home should showcase the unique personalities and preferences of the owner. In the same way as clothes reflect the taste of the wearer, so too does the home reflect the tastes of its inhabitants.

At P&R Design Center, we offer a wide range of both ready-made and bespoke options that will let you find the pieces that best fit your desired aesthetic. From the warm, sturdy solid woods of the Americana Collection, to the striking fiberglass of the Modern Classics, to the quirky accents of our Korean Wallpaper collection, we provide a broad range of styles to meet every need.


Designer's Help.

We will never prescribe a particular style to our customers - despite the wide variation in styles and designs, all of our products are made to exacting standards of quality from high-grade materials. We're here to help you execute your vision of what you want your home to be.

Our consultants provide the means and expertise that will let you work with the dimensions and characteristics of your home. They can recommend a range of options that will allow you to optimize your shopping experience. Bright sun in the morning? They'll be able to point you towards blinds to keep the heat and light away. Non-standard dimensions in one of your rooms? They can quote you a price on bespoke storage that will let you make use of every inch of space. Need to entertain guests in a smaller home? They can show you our range of expandable tables. If you're a first time homeowner or are unfamiliar with the art of interior design, we also provide home visits in order to ensure everything in your home fits your preferences perfectly.

Our design consultants will give you all the help you need to make your dream home fit together just right.


Customise Every Aspect of your Home.

We believe at P&R Design Center that the little details are what separate a good interior from a great one. We let you take charge of your home design from the biggest elements to the smallest. In addition to furniture we also stock accessories such as decorative objects, hourglasses, wallpaper, lamps, wall art, and more. 



Quality Assured.

You won't find any cheap, throwaway junk in our stores. We believe that furniture is an investment that ought to age well like fine wine, and perhaps someday be handed down to the next generation.




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