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Working with P&R Design Center gives you a convenient and stress-free home interior solution, because we can do it all. Say goodbye to middlemen contractors who cannot provide furniture themselves and end up expensively outsourcing to other retailers, or carpentry 'specialists' who insist on using their own custom furniture for every application.

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Unlike other contractors, who might struggle to meet your preferences with their limited range of options, P&R Design Center is uniquely equipped with all you need for a complete home. We provide ready-to-go, made to measure, and bespoke furniture in a huge variety of styles and aesthetics. We have you covered for every little detail, from key pieces like sofas, beds and dining tables to finishing touches like blinds, accessories, and wallpaper, meaning you don't need to take the trouble figuring all this out for yourself. Design your dream, and we'll make it happen.

We Do Custom-Made Furniture For Your Entire Home!

Premium Furniture & Furnishing Brands All Under One Roof

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How To Save A Ton Of Money When Renovating

How To Save A Ton Of Money When Renovating

In the old days, actually not too long ago, the contractor or so called designer was the one you looked whenever you wanted to renovate your home. Finding a plumber, an electrician, a mason, a tiler, a carpenter was difficult. Not everyone wanted to work with each other. 
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Types of Cabinets

Types of Cabinets

There are four types of cabinets in the market today1. Built-in - These are usually built on site except for unfinished cabinet bodies. Laminates are glued on site, adjustments are made on-site. Backs of cabinets and other hidden sections remain...

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Cabinets: Uneven Walls Floors and Ceilings

Cabinets: Uneven Walls Floors and Ceilings

Every wall, floor and ceiling is not exactly datum. The untrained naked eye cannot spot the slants, bends and wave. This makes installing cabinets very difficult. The following are problems you might face with an uneven floor.
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